We provide the tools you need to control your costs.

Here is a scary thought: you are in control of the cost of your business insurance. It's true. How well you manage your risks and carrier relationships have the greatest affect on your ultimate premium expenses. Fortunately, you do not bear this responsibility alone. Assurance is here to help.

Property & Casualty Coverage

For over 50 years, businesses have been counting on Assurance to help them maximize profitability without compromising coverage. Assurance helps thousands of companies protect their interests and secure their future through placement of comprehensive coverage with appropriate insurance markets.

Amazingly, the process we follow is not rocket science. It's really quite simple. What sets us apart from other brokers is our execution of this process, and our ability to measure our results. When you partner with Assurance, here is what you can expect:

  • Detailed needs analysis on your total business operations
  • Full understanding of the scope of your business from a 360 degree view
  • Effective plan to present your coverage needs to the carrier community
  • Identifying the markets most interested in supporting your business goals
  • Ongoing service plan and progress report
  • Case studies which showcase our solutions to reduce your overall exposure


We have experience managing the surety needs of a wide variety of public and private business entities. As your advisor, Assurance tracks your business activities and makes recommendations to improve your balance sheet and plan accordingly for your evolving surety needs. At Assurance, our surety clients are provided:

  • Semi-annual market updates
  • Measurable results as demonstrated by our case studies
  • Rate and program capacity review
  • Benchmark analysis of your company's surety position
  • Access to Bonds Fast, an online program which allows users to obtain and print License and Permit bonds in minutes

specialized services

Assurance specialists are experts in the industry, offering a wealth of business, employee benefits and personal insurance services.

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