A culture of sharing.

Assurance Caring Together (ACT) is an employee-driven effort that strives to inspire hope in the communities where we live and work. Our mission is to become actively involved and develop meaningful partnerships with charitable organizations in their efforts to improve the quality of people's lives. We are committed to achieving this goal one day at a time, for however long it takes.

Since we began ACT, the program has formed exciting partnerships with local organizations in various neighborhoods, as well as programs which encourage our employees to become actively involved citizens. Through ACT, Assurance donates money and labor hours to charities in need. To go a step further, we offer every employee a day off work each year to volunteer his or her time. Assurance employees have been responsible for arranging a variety of events with our charity partners, where we participated in activities such as:

  • Creating books for Down Syndrome literacy program
  • Packaging thousands of pounds of food for distribution to those in need through local food banks
  • Cleaning up housing areas in communities for the mentally handicapped
  • Staffing athletic events for organizations such as the Special Olympics

Our Colors Yellow + Blue = Green

Assurance takes very seriously the importance of being green. We are committed to making personal decisions everyday to be environmentally responsible in order to contribute to a more sustainable future for our company and our planet. Here are just some of the ways we make a difference:

  • We have an extensive recycling program
  • Our office space is LEED certified, as we believe in the integration of sustainable building and operational measures as a standard business practice
  • We partner with office supply vendors to purchase partially or completely recycled paper goods for internal use
  • We have multiple measures in place to promote a paperless environment including scanners and electronic faxing capabilities
  • Nearly all of our externally printed materials are printed on paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
  • We are well stocked with CDs to deliver policies, certificates and proposals electronically for our clients