We simply don’t believe in one-size fits all.

Each specialized Assurance solution strives to reduce our client’s overall exposure to claims and losses, thereby improving their financial position.

Business Insurance
Companies require a mix of property and casualty coverages to protect their interests. Our approach to evaluating exposures includes an active assessment of operations, loss experience, safety programs and management style. After studying these factors, we’re able to determine the best avenues to manage risk.
Employee Benefits
We tailor solutions to meet the strategic business objectives of the organization and the needs of its employees. Aligning these goals enables us to select plans that will succeed for everyone. The result is a cohesive benefits program driven to increase satisfaction and reduce expenses.
Financial Services
We're not your run-of-the-mill, one-stop-shop for every financial product under the sun like some financial managers many individuals and businesses work with. That's because we know having a specialized focus on qualified retirement plans provides a greater advantage to our clients and employees their plans serve.
Private Insurance Management
Like businesses, individuals benefit from working with an independent brokerage. Many auto and home insurance agents represent only a single insurance carrier, and therefore have a limited number of options to offer. To find the widest range of choices available, Assurance is your answer.

specialized services

Assurance specialists are experts in the industry, offering a wealth of business, employee benefits and personal insurance services.

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Worldwide Reach

IntersureAssurance has developed strategic relationships with the organization's Intersure and Globex, creating a network of over 190 associate companies located throughout the United States and over 30 foreign countries.

GlobexIntersure is a consortium of the top independent insurance brokerage firms in the U.S., Canada and Europe. And Globex is an international risk management, insurance and employee benefits consultancy firm with a worldwide network of local agents and brokers.

Whatever your concerns, Assurance can assist you in analyzing your risk any place on the globe.