Ieena Aulakh

Technology Solutions Consultant | Assurance

Ieena Aulakh is Assurance’s Technology Solutions Consultant and oversees the ongoing delivery of high quality service for clients and their health plans. Ieena boasts more than 12 years of experience with benefits administration and enrollment services. She focuses on presenting customized solutions, implementation support and managing carrier/vendor relationships. She also co-manages any client issues and evaluates project plans. Ieena works exclusively on the behalf of clients as their dvocate in the marketplace. She ensures the best decision is made based on her clients’ short and long-term needs.Ieena attended the University of Illinois – Chicago and received her Bachelor’s degree in Economics in 2000. She also earned her Illinois Health and Life Insurance License and her “Speak to be Heard” Workshop Certification in April 2014. Previously, Ieena trained clients on new and existing system features and provided best practices consultation.