Who: Assurance staff spent a paid day off work volunteering with Wright Way Rescue. Wright Way Rescue offers pets a second chance at life by rescuing and reducing the number of homeless pets from being euthanized. The non- profit promotes spaying and neutering awareness, adoption programs, and community education. In addition, Wright Way Rescue helps provide veterinary medicine programs to the community. Since their inception, Wright Way Rescue has placed nearly 40,000 pets into loving homes.

What: Assurance employees provided volunteer services by cleaning the interactive webcam room, deep cleaning 24 cat and dog cages, mopping numerous rooms and moving furniture to the attic and dumpsters. That’s not all. The Assurance volunteers spent quality time socializing with seven of the rescue dogs onsite. By socializing with the animals, volunteers helped with future development before they’re adopted.

When: Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Where: Wright Way Rescue North Shore Humane Center

Why: The volunteer opportunity is one of 21 similar events scheduled for 2019 where Assurance employees donate their time to deserving nonprofit organizations. All volunteer days are organized by the company’s employee-driven charitable foundation, Assurance Caring Together (ACT). Assurance employees have donated over 24,000 labor hours in the last 14 years through ACT.