Assurance Financial Services (AFS) would like to remind you that if your company’s retirement plan year ended on December 31st, 2018, your 2018 Form 5500 filing deadline is July 31st, unless an extension is filed. Your plan provider or third party administrator (TPA) may be able to file the Form 5558 on your behalf to extend your plan’s filing deadline to October 15th.

Lastly, you’re required to distribute a Summary Annual Report (SAR) to your participants each year. The SAR distribution deadline is 2 months after the filing deadline for the Form 5500, so July 31st Form 5500 filers should distribute the SAR by September 30th. December 15th is the SAR distribution deadline for those filing the Form 5500 using the extended October 15th date.

Note: Plans with over 100 participants require the report of an auditor. A “participant” is defined as:

  1. Any actively participating employee,
  2. any retired, deceased, or separated employee that still has assets in the plan, or
  3. all eligible employees who have yet to enroll or have elected not to participate.

However, if you filed as a “small plan” for 2017 and the number of plan participants was fewer than 121 as of the beginning of the 2018 plan year, you may continue to file as a “small plan” under the 80-120 Participant Rule. If your plan requires an audit and you have not yet engaged audit services, please plan to schedule your audit soon.

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the AFS team.

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