Who: Assurance employees volunteered with Chicagoland Special Spaces, funding and completely re-doing a local child’s bedroom. Special Spaces is a nonprofit that creates dream bedrooms for children with life-threatening medical illnesses. They create a space where the child can dream and imagine while addressing their medical needs. 

What: Assurance spent the day redoing a bedroom for Caleb, a young boy who is battling a rare form of cancer, Neuroblastoma. 

The complete makeover entailed:

  • Redoing Caleb’s entire bedroom
  • Assembling and painting furniture
  • Creating various décor items

“Assurance made dreams come true. Special Spaces and The Roth family are so grateful. We couldn’t have made this happen without you,” said Christy Gallagher, Chicagoland Associate Director at Special Spaces.

When: Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Where: Chicagoland Area

Why: The volunteer opportunity is one of 21 similar events scheduled for 2018 where Assurance employees donate their time to deserving nonprofit organizations. All volunteer days are organized by the company’s employee-driven charitable foundation, Assurance Caring Together (ACT). Assurance employees have donated over 22,000 labor hours in the last 13 years through ACT.