Schaumburg, Ill. (April 1, 2019) – Assurance, a Top 50 U.S. insurance brokerage, awarded Bridgemark Healthcare as a Minimizing Risk, Maximizing Health (MRMH) Award recipient. 

The MRMH Award is open to all Assurance clients that achieve measurable results in minimizing workplace risk and maximizing the health and safety of employees. Clients must meet certain criteria to qualify, including a large quantifiable reduction or improvement in a variety of key capacities. 

Bridgemark Healthcare operates 15 communities in Illinois and Missouri that provide post-acute, skilled nursing and long-term care services. At the end of 2014, Bridgemark Healthcare had a high frequency of claims with significant losses due to common industry exposures, including slips, falls and lower back/shoulder strains from lifting residents. In early 2015, Bridgemark Healthcare was determined to grow its safety culture. They connected with the Assurance risk management team to design a large-scale safety program that would enhance employees’ safety knowledge and accountability as well as create uniformity across all locations.

The strategy included annual educational safety webinars/seminars, a safe resident handling and transfer program, safety committees, web-based screenings, employee fall prevention programs and quarterly reviews. In addition, Bridgemark revamped their claims tracking procedures, claims policies and financial trending systems.

Over a three-year-period, Bridgemark Healthcare improved their claim costs by 75%, achieved a 68% reduction in overall claims and improved their Experience Modification Rating (i.e. a number used to adjust an employer’s premium for workers’ compensation coverage based on losses) by 25%. A renewed focus on claims and safety gave Bridgemark the ability to tangibly measure program results, minimize risk and maximize the health and well-being of employees and residents.

“To receive an award such as this is quite remarkable. We have a lot of long-standing partnerships, and the way Assurance supports us makes us feel like we are their only client. Over the years, our organization has doubled in payroll, but our premium costs haven't increased. We look forward to continuing to exceed our own expectations and make safety an important part of everyone’s day,” said Steve Miller, President, Bridgemark Healthcare. 

Assurance honored Bridgemark Healthcare’s achievements at a MRMH Award presentation on March 20, 2019 at the client’s headquarters in St. Louis, MO.

Read the full Bridgemark Healthcare case study here.

About Bridgemark Healthcare

Bridgemark Healthcare is a privately owned and operated company providing senior living and healthcare services for Illinois and Missouri for the past 35 years. Bridgemark has 13 nursing facilities and four rehabilitation centers. Visit Bridgemark Healthcare at

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