Assurance employees hold a special space in their hearts for the Assurance Caring Together charity program. Over the past two months, Assurance employees spent their volunteered paid day off with two Special Spaces families and Northern Illinois Food Bank.

Special Spaces

Who: Our Assurance ‘A’ Team put on their interior design hats and volunteered with Chicagoland Special Spaces. Special Spaces is a nonprofit that creates dream bedrooms for children with life-threatening medical illnesses. The organization and Assurance helped design a space where the child can dream and imagine while addressing their medical needs.

On September 19th the ‘A’ Team set out to transform a bedroom into a dream room for a young girl, Selene, affected by a life-threatening illness. The Assurance employees began their morning spackling and painting the walls. Then, the team assembled bookshelves, dressers and a desk for Selene to dream, read and write. With pillows fluffed, books placed on shelves, flowers scattered around the room and decorations hung on the walls, the bedroom became a dream room where Selene will be able to heal and grow stronger each day.  

October 2nd was a special day for Assurance employees who utilized their volunteer paid day off. The Assurance ‘A’ team not only redesigned one bedroom, but they redesigned two for sisters, Maren and Greta. The ‘A’ Team painted each room, applied colorful stickers to the walls, assembled multiple pieces of furniture, hung a cozy swinging chair and created an animal photo wall. It was a camaraderie, colorful and animal-filled day for Maren, Greta and Assurance employees. Assurance ‘A’ Team and ACT Committee member, Amiri Curry, mentioned his favorite moment as well as others, was the moment the young girls saw their makeover room for the first time. “Their reaction is always our favorite memory when we volunteer for Special Spaces,” said Amiri. 

Northern Illinois Food Bank

Who: The Northern Illinois Food Bank, located in Geneva, Illinois is a member of the Feeding America organization. The Northern Illinois Food Bank collaborates with the community to help solve hunger within 13 counties in Northern Illinois. The Food Bank instills hope for more than half a million people each year and strives to provide more than 71,500 individuals with a meal per week.  

What: On October 22nd Assurance volunteers spent the day sorting, packing and weighing meals at the Geneva, Illinois Northern Illinois Food Bank location. Over 1,107 bags of onions were bundled for 2,768 meals. Another group of volunteers packaged 634 pounds of chicken providing 528 meals. Last but not least, a group of Assurance employees helped label, organize and assemble 6,290 pounds of canned food. The canned foods will provide 5,242 meals for individuals in Northern Illinois. It was a fun-filled day for all volunteers involved! 

About Assurance Caring Together

These volunteer opportunities are four of 21 similar events scheduled for 2019 where Assurance employees donate their time to deserving nonprofit organizations. All volunteer days are organized by the company’s employee-driven charitable foundation, Assurance Caring Together (ACT). Assurance employees have donated over 25,000+ labor hours in the last 14 years through ACT.